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Retains legal shape of your head.  Keep your head in the game!

For years, lacrosse players had to come up with their own methods of widening  their lacrosse stick heads.  While rudimentary tools such as: tuna cans, hockey pucks, and softballs were most commonly used, none of these provided reassurance that the head was being properly expanded.  Not only was the distance of expansion unknown, but the item used to put pressure against the inner walls of the head may not have been sturdy enough or been able to provide uniform pressure.  In short, there simply wasn’t a proper tool for the job………until now.

FlexForce has been specifically designed, tested and manufactured to correctly and uniformly widen a lacrosse head back to a game-legal, desired distance.

This is the standard model.  Visit https://flex-force.com for more options!

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