Why a Head Rock?

The Head Rock training aid is unique because the weight sits in the pocket.  It is designed for dry-reps (no ball) of all lacrosse motions.  Warming up with a weight that is heavier than a ball results in increased hand and stick speed when handling a ball.  Lacrosse balls are 5 ounces.  The first issue Head Rock is 8 ounces.

Using a Head Rock accelerates your development, especially your off-hand.  Since the weight is suspended in the pocket, the stick will twist and move with the same momentum as if handling a ball.

Attaching the Head Rock

  • Conforms to any regulation men's or women's lacrosse head
  • Position of the weight can be twisted to the inside of the band for women's heads   

Working Out with the Head Rock

The best use for the Head Rock is just before you handle a ball.  Whatever technique you are working on; shooting, changing hands, fakes or splits, its a great tool to quickly get you heated up.

Being so fun, you will want to use the Head Rock everywhere. No-cradling rule in your house?  No problem!  Just be sure you have enough clear space. We took out one ceiling fan so far.  Head Rock Inc. is not responsible for property damage or injury due to improper use.

As with any weight training, it is important to warm up properly and use correct technique to avoid injury. We recommend starting out with exaggerated, deliberate and focused motions for any skill you are working on, then increase speed and effort as you approach the last few reps.

5 Minute Workout - Cradling

90 second cradling x 3 sets – switching between hard, dodging to goal cradle (think box player), and triple-threat cradle. Keep feet moving with short quick chops staying on balls of feet.

  1. 30 seconds dominant hand - step in and out of pressure, triple threat 
  2. 30 seconds non-dominant hand - step in and out of pressure, triple threat
  3. 30 seconds – triple threat, change hands (every 3 seconds), triple threat

5 Minute Workout - Fakes

90 seconds Fakes x 3 setswrist, full, and over the top . behind the back fakes.  Keep feet moving with short quick steps staying on balls of feet.  Concentrate on selling your fake with your whole body (shoulders, head and eyes), and sharp snapping of the wrists.  Try looking high (lift head) while faking low and vice versa.

  1. 30 seconds dominant hand - 10 seconds each: wrist fake, full fake, over the top.
  2. 30 seconds non-dominant hand - 10 seconds each: high fake, low fake, behind the back
  3. 30 seconds combos/freestyle – in succession: behind the back, over the top high, low wrist, change hands, and repeat. Increase speed and intensity for last 10 seconds.

Paul Rabil demonstrates four techniques of fakes. Practicing these motions with a Head Rock will make your fakes crisp and your opponents bite. 

5 Minute Workout - Shooting Motion

Developing shot velocity requires shooting buckets of balls and employing varied types of strength conditioning. Focused repetition and increased muscle activation is the best way to develop muscle memory.  This is exactly what the Head Rock is designed to do. 

When working on your shooting motion, start out slow and deliberate, increasing your effort to 90% as you complete your last few reps.  Through repetition and concentrating on good technique, the Head Rock will help you develop an explosive release. 

8-12 reps x 3 sets each hand plus 6 Hitch-Dodge and Shoot each hand – Start out slow and exaggerate good technique.  Increase intensity gradually to reach 90% effort on last few reps of each set.  Concentrate on each component of the shooting motion – hands back, shoulder and chin towards the goal, start off the back foot, step with big toe towards the goal for good hip rotation, big follow-through with face moving towards the goal, shoulder-to-shoulder, bottom hand elbow pointing up, back foot rotates towards the target.

  1. 8-12 reps dominant hand
  2. 8-12 reps non-dominant hand
  3. Repeat 1 and 2 to complete 3 sets
  4. Dominant hitch and shoot, 4 reps
  5. Non-dom hitch and shoot, 6 reps
  6. Now start on that bucket of balls and feel the results!

 Caring for your Head Rock
The Head Rock will look and perform like new with just a little dish soap and warm water.