Head Rock Lacrosse training weight on a Brine Clutch II

8 oz. Head Rock Lacrosse Training Weight

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Accelerate your muscle memory development by working out and warming up with the Head Rock. The weight is suspended where the ball would sit when shooting, cradling and dodging, making the stick react as if a ball was in the pocket. This translates to working the same muscles in the exact same way as handling a ball, only with a little more weight!  Lacrosse balls are 5 ounces, this Head Rock is 8 ounces.  Quicken your trigger-speed, increase your velocity and develop overall finesse with the Head Rock.

  • Patented one-piece molded shape
  • Conforms to any regulation lacrosse head
  • Turn the weight inside out to mimic the ball position for women's heads
  • Shooting, dodging and cradling motions seat the weight onto the head
  • Recommended for ages 7 and up
  • Designed and manufactured in the USA
  • Free Shipping to US.  Rest of the World pay actual shipping.