Refurbish greasers with a veggie scrubber.

My wife's latest thing is Norwex specialty cloths.  She has been cleaning all sorts of things around the house like a maniac. So how bad can it be?  When I saw what this rough textured cloth did for my daughter's Converse (we called them Chucks), I just had to try it out on some old greasers. I found that I was able to remove the dirt and the shine with a little water and a few minutes of work.

The featured image for this blog post shows a variety of balls that have been refurbished already.  I did all of those in about 6 min.  What it did for this Maverik ball sold me.  I was sure it could not be helped.  This ball is ancient and was as slick as Teflon.  It is now at home in a bucket.  These is 2-year warranty and you only need to use water.   

old greaser

You can purchase these veggie srubbing cloths through my wife, here.  Try one out at our vendor tent:


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