Refurbish Your Greasers!

My wife is a Norwex sales rep.  She has been cleaning all kinds of things around our house to great effect.  When I saw what this rough textured cloth did for my daughter's Converse (we called them Chucks back in the day), I just had to try it out on some old greasers. I found that I was able to remove the dirt and the shine with nothing but water and just a few minutes of work.

The featured image for this blog post shows a variety of balls that have been refurbished already.  I did all of those in about 6 min. Outstanding!  What it did for this Maverik ball sold me.  I was sure it could not be helped.  This ball is ancient and was as slick as Teflon.  It is now totally usable.  These cloths have a 2-year warranty and you only need to use water!   

old greaser

You can purchase these clothes through my wife, here. Yes, it is normally for vegetables, go figure.  We will also have them available at the Head Rock vendor tent at these upcoming lacrosse events:

  • RPI Shootout July 20-22
  • Raleigh Laxfest Nov. 10-11
  • more dates to come


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