Pro Field Lacrosse on the Pacific Coast (1909-1924)

If you have any interest in the history of our beloved game, point your browser to Old School Lacrosse.  This site is treasure trove of photos and stories from "the golden age of pro lacrosse on the Pacific Coast".  There is plenty of interesting content and most of the photos are BIG, offering a unique glimpse into that era.

From Old School Lacrosse:

Compared to most other sports, remarkably little is known today about the great lacrosse stars from yesteryear when  lacrosse – and not hockey – captivated the attention and won the hearts and minds of sports fans in Vancouver, New Westminster, and the rest of the Lower Mainland.

Old School Lacrosse is a place to discover and tell the story of these great players and pioneers from a century ago, their photographs, and their relevance to the history of lacrosse in the province of British Columbia and in Canada.

Now we know where the Canadian Egg Roll started!

You will have the opportunity to read about the early history of the Minto Cup, enjoy lacrosse memorabilia, and stories of the players of that era.  Many players had a nick-name like Alban "Bun" Clark, Irving "Punk" Wintemute and Angus "Bones" Allen.

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