How the Head Rock is Being Used (so far)

The Head Rock was developed with the main purpose of working your non-dom shooting motion with weighted, dry-reps. After coaching for many years, both my father and I recognized that the most common question we would get from players and parents was "how do you gain velocity on your shot?"  I would tell the player to get a bucket of balls and shoot as hard as you can, refine your motion through dry-reps and strengthen your legs, core and wrists.  I would also express my belief that a quick release, accuracy and deception are more important than pure velocity.

We anticipated that the Head Rock would also be effective for cradling and throwing fakes, yet we are routinely seeing new and creative ways to use this effective training aid thanks to our customers.  In this post, I want to include many of the ways that we have seen people using the weight to accelerate their development.  Tell us in the comments about your favorite way to use the Head Rock!

 Introduction video

Latest hype video

 Greatest hits

Develop wrist and core strength

Work on new skills


Shooting motion

Anywhere, anytime


Working the head Rock is a fun way to get reps anywhere, anytime.  Get yours today!  It is the best $20 you'll spend on lacrosse!


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