An Idea and a Mock-up

"Coach, how can I increase the velocity on my shot?"  That question is one that every coach hears.  The answer can be boiled down to shooting buckets of balls everyday and getting stronger and quicker overall.  The stronger and quicker part will involve forms of strength, speed and agility conditioning.

"Pop, what is that on Chris Davis' bat?"

"...warming up with a little extra weight helps increase his bat speed"  (light-bulb moment).

Could we increase head speed by suspending a weight where the ball would sit in the pocket? Can the weight be shaped so that your shooting, dodging or cradling motion seats it onto the head and when you are done working out you could tap it off?  Will the weight make the stick behave as if a ball was in the pocket?

My dad and I designed and made a few working mock-ups to find out.  We quickly learned that the answer to all those questions is yes.  Next, we made different shapes and weights to share with coaches and players that we knew to get their feedback.  The response was positive and encouraged us to go forward.

There are many lacrosse weights on the market.  All of them make your stick heavier and usually require straps, screws or multiple parts to manage, none of them give you the feel of the ball in the pocket.  

That is how the idea of the Head Rock was developed.  It has been a tremendous learning experience - from applying for a patent and seeking out a manufacturer, to learning about Shopify storefronts.  This blog will tell about the development and use of the Head Rock, discuss coaching and training resources and share stories about the history of the game. Thanks for reading!

Craig Jr.

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